JNANASAROVARA assumed a leading role in inculcating and revitalizing academic criteria by running prestigious syllabi – IGCSE, ICSE, ISC and STATE BOARD for Collegians.

i. Jnanasarovara emphasizes utmost on academics because it is education that heralds the era of success for us. A person driven by strong academic passion is all set to scale enviable heights in his life.

ii. To foster student’s academic pursuits and hone their skills we have chalked out an exclusive programme viz. weekly and monthly tests, preparatory examinations, remedial classes, every day evening prep classes, and one on one interaction with underachievers. The results are astonishing. We have been remarkably successful in unearthing the latent academic thirst of the students and conveying the message that the secret of life is not enjoyment, but education.


Knowledge is power, but it becomes powerful when it is administered systematically. We at JIRSM, permeate the knowledge through various quizzes, plethora of competitions such as – creative writing, elocution, pick-n-act, pick-n-speak, and numerous knowledge building measures.

i. We believe that one shouldn’t wait beside the flooded river for it to recede the water level rather acquire the knowledge to sail through the tempest! That is real application of knowledge.



JIRSM advocates that motivation is of paramount importance to younger generation. To motivate the students we invite prominent guest lecturers, renowned orators, celebrities from various walks of life, young entrepreneurs and the people who have made the difference in the society through their path breaking, path showing, and revolutionary ideology. We make it apparent that it being a cut throat competitive world, motivation is the key to the schooling for winning edge.


We believe sports are as essential as academics are. Sports play important role in student’s life. Sports teach them team spirit and inculcate ‘Never Say Die’ attitude among the children.

JIRSM reckons that excursion plays a vital role in developing students as cosmopolitans. As a verity, excursions and outings provide practical experience about the geography, culture and past history-that we study in books and enrich the student’s intellectual and mental/emotional level. We deem that the entire world is a big family and it is imperative for the students to acclimatize with different circumstances, food habits, cultures and climates. To cater this we organize tours and trips both in India and abroad at regular intervals.


Jnanasarovara International Residential School has zeroed upon the best syllabi that can be offered to a student. The prestigious syllabi offered are ICSE, ISC and the State Board for the Collegians.

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, a private, non-governmental board of school education in India, for class 10, i.e., grade 10. It has been designed to provide an examination in a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986 (India), through the medium of English. The examination allows secure suitable representation of Governments responsible for schools (which are affiliated to it) in their States/Territories. Private candidates are not permitted to appear for this examination.

In all subjects other than Science and Computers, students must submit compulsory coursework assignments. In groups I(Compulsory Subjects – History, Geography, II language)and II they count for 20% of the student’s performance in the subject; in group III the assignments count for 50%. In Science and Computers, students are tested on their laboratory work.

In subjects where there is more than one paper(E.g., Science), the mark in the subject is calculated by taking the average of all papers in the subject. Candidates appearing for the examination have to study seven subjects, with anywhere from 1 to 3 papers in each subject. This makes for a total of 8-12 papers, depending on the subjects.



Activities that are suitable to various age groups are designed focusing towards all round development of a child. Host of co-curricular and extra- curricular activities engage children to develop their logical and rational thinking. Activities like Robotics, music, instrument learning, dancing, web designing and browsing at library keeps every child abreast with their innate talents, News Paper in Education, 15-Book Campaign are major attractive programme for the Children’s.


Club activities help them gain in depth knowledge of that particular subject to use it at application level. They get hands on experience to work on various projects and models.


Celebrating all festivals on the campus that fall on any working day helps child to respect all religions and cherish family value. Children are often taken for field trips to comprehend the concepts that are in their curriculum. One day trips are organized at least once in a month to break the monotony. Once in a year week long domestic educational tours are arranged.


National festivals like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi and Republic Day are celebrated with great pomp and vigour.


Apart from all these exciting activities on the school calendar the major school events comprise Fresher’s Day, Founder’s Day, and Sports Day for- both parents as well as students, Graduation Day for Grade Prep II and XII students, Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day.

Jnanasarovara International Residential School

Jnanasarovara International Residential School