We believe that School Education is the best medium of imparting good values, knowledge and wisdom. Many of them take the same meaning for “knowledge” and “wisdom” but in my perception they both carry entirely different meaning knowing and learning gives you knowledge but wisdom gives you the actual way of doing things you have learnt and practice and implement in your day to day life through out so, we at JIRSM are trying to impart good value based education, equipping them with best tools and practices enabling children grow up in the natural process of growing up and teaching them more by practical methods and abilities to face their future more confident and grow up into a better individual with our great Indian culture and traditions. It’s clear from the vision of JIRSM that we strongly believe and follow our motto Medium is English, Culture is Indian.


Evolution of Jnanasovara International Residential School Mysore into a world-class children’s university, producing the finest school-graduates to serve and lead the advanced society of tomorrow.


To nurture thirst for knowledge, creative talents, communication skills, open- mindedness, courage of conviction, self-reliance, team spirit, leadership qualities and basic human values and cause all-round development of the students’ personalities so that they become acceptable and successful anywhere in the world.