Our beloved Chairman Mr. Sudhakar S. Shetty

Jnanasarovara International Residential School was founded by Shri Sudhakar S. Shetty in 2002. Smt. Sukalatha S. Shetty, Secretary and Senior Principal of the school is wife of Shri Sudhakar S. Shetty. The couple is blessed with a son, Mr. Pavan Kumar S. Shetty who is the CEO of the school and Ms. Sheetal S. Shetty who is the Trustee of the school. Pavan Shetty is married to Ms. Apoorva rai. Sudhakar Shetty is blessed with a grandson named Agasthya. Daughter Ms Sheetal is married to Mr. VijayRaj Shetty settled in Bangalore.

The founder Chairman is a successful entrepreneur and a renowned educationist. He has served as the President of MYSORE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (2012-13) and further held the most coveted post of PRESIDENT of the Prestigious organization FEDERATION OF KARNATAKA CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY ,BENGALURU(2018-19) .

Shri Sudhakar S. Shetty is a recipient of various prestigious awards :


Evolution of Jnanasovara International Residential School Mysore into a world-class children’s university, producing the finest school-graduates to serve and lead the advanced society of tomorrow.


To nurture thirst for knowledge, creative talents, communication skills, open- mindedness, courage of conviction, self-reliance, team spirit, leadership qualities and basic human values and cause all-round development of the students’ personalities so that they become acceptable and successful anywhere in the world.